metrostop: 1, 2, 13, and 17 for the Muser Questions :)

1: Favorite album?

- absolution absolutely

2: Favorite song?

- tie between fury and koc probably

13: Favorite quote?

- the one on my sidebar it’s like me as a quote

17: How many Muse shirts do you own?

- two because shipping is expensive and finding muse merch in istanbul is really difficult


teenagediks: 18, 26, 41

18: How many physical cds/albums?

- i own all six cds, hullaballoo dvd and live at rome

26: Has Muse influenced your wardrobe?

- a little bit, i have like two pairs of bright yellow pants oopsie

41: If you were interviewing Muse, what would you ask?

- oh wow. idk probably their hogwarts houses because i’m a nerd


  • 1: Favorite album?
  • 2: Favorite song?
  • 3: First song you fell in love with?
  • 4: How old you were when you started listening to Muse?
  • 5: Been to any Muse shows?
  • 6: Favorite cheese?
  • 7: Leopard print or glitter suits?
  • 8: Katthew yay or nay?
  • 9: Estimate of how many women Dom's been with?
  • 10: Guess how much Matt's most expensive article of clothing costs?
  • 11: Can you name all the Wolstenbabies? (no cheating)
  • 12: Any song you just aren't a fan of?
  • 13: Favorite quote?
  • 14: Any replies from the boys on twitter?
  • 15: How often do you feel victimized by Tom Kirk?
  • 16: Reaction when you first heard how Matt broke his foot?
  • 17: How many Muse shirts do you own?
  • 18: How many physical cds/albums?
  • 19: How many posters?
  • 20: Weirdest thing you've done because of Muse?
  • 21: Favorite Muse joke?
  • 22: Do you have a favorite member?
  • 23: Sir Charles, Lord Henry, Hendrix, or Roger?
  • 24: How many items in your Muse folder?
  • 25: How long have you been posting Muse on tumblr?
  • 26: Has Muse influenced your wardrobe?
  • 27: Who's a bigger fanboy, Zane Lowe or Ted Stryker?
  • 28: Person/band you wish Muse would collab with?
  • 29: Favorite hair color on Matt?
  • 30: Ever met any of them?
  • 31: Know any musers irl?
  • 32: How early would you be willing to get to a Muse show to try to get the barrier?
  • 33: Favorite Muse blogs?
  • 34: Can you play any Muse songs on an instrument?
  • 35: Favorite type of pasta?
  • 36: If you were playing football with Chris, what position would you play?
  • 37: Post a video of yourself singing/dancing/lip synching a Muse song?
  • 38: What's in your survival kit for the apocalypse?
  • 39: Do you know the lyrics to Micro Cuts?
  • 40: Do you get annoyed when radio stations play Muse a lot?
  • 41: If you were interviewing Muse, what would you ask?
  • 42: At what age (if any) do you think Dom will marry?
  • 43: What is the grand total number of children you think Chris will have?
  • 44: Queen yay or nay?
  • 45: Is this the NME?
  • 46: Can you say the alphabet backwards?
  • 47: Do you believe in zetas?
  • 48: Do you ship Belldom?
  • 49: Do you prefer Chris with or without the Pedro stache?
  • 50: Make up a story about what happened to Dom's eyebrows?

the only three pictures of blue-haired bellamy you need

by Matthew Bellamy on his school life (x)
When I left I got an award for being the latest person in the history of the school. If you got three late marks for being over fifteen minutes late you’d get an after school detention. I got something like 257 marks. And I only lived about ten minutes away.

Muse - Feeling Good (live at Radio 3, 2001) [x]